17.04.15 by Jeff

Video of the Day: Kite Fighting in Rio de Janeiro

kite-fighting-rio-1 kitekite-fighting-rio-3

Remember that Van Damme movie Kickboxer where the fighters dip their hands in resin and then broken glass before they fight? These kids in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro pretty much do that but with kites! They actually coat their kite strings with wax mixed with ground up glass so they can fly by and cut their opponents string! Watch this fascinating portrait of kite fighting in Brazil below.

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16.04.15 by Jeff

LoveStories – Chapter One, Bo


“Chapter One, Bo” is a beautiful portrait of a classic French beauty. I love the way this was shot and edited. This chapter (hopefully the first of many) was written and directed by Caroline Koning. Watch it below.

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15.04.15 by Jeff

Video of the Day: Hot Chip “Need You Now”


There’s sort of an Eternal Sunshine quality to this video by Shynola for Hot Chip’s latest single “Need You Now”. The band’s frontman Alexis Taylor stars in this mysterious story. Watch the music video below.

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14.04.15 by Jeff

Trippy Video of the Day: Sea Animal-Like Typographic Experiments


This colourful images above do not do this justice! Feelers is a stunning type and motion  project by Ari Weinkle “typographic experiment based on the movement of animal appendages”. Watch the video below!

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13.04.15 by Jeff

Music Video: Florence and the Machine “Ship To Wreck”


Florence Welsh wrestles with herself, quite literally, in her latest video for “Ship To Wreck”, once again directed by Vincent Haycock. I love it when an artist and a director work together for multiple videos on one album; Welsh and Haycock have really found a great chemistry (see “What Kind of Man” and “St Jude”). Hopefully there’s a video for every song on the album!

Watch Florence and the Machine’s “Ship to Wreck” below.

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13.04.15 by Jeff

Video of the Day: “Sunday Candy” Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment


Love this video directed by Austin Vesely for “Sunday Candy” by Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment, featuring their best friend, Chance the Rapper. Watch the video below.

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10.04.15 by Jeff

Video of the Day: Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2015


Here’s a great video capturing the fifth year of the @powwowhawaii festival. I’m happy to report that there was an abundance of female artists this year – not always the case with big mural events! Maya Hayuk, Fafi, Olek, Natalia Rak, Tati, Lauren YS, and Hueman are among the artists featured in the video below.

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09.04.15 by Jeff

Trippy Video of the Day: This is What The Sun Actually Looks Like


This is INSANE. I didn’t realise this was what the sun actually looked like! The footage is a series of time lapse sequences of the sun’s atmosphere as seen by the Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft between 2011 and 2015. Watch the eye-opening video below.

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