11.09.13 by Jeff

Kevin Lyons for Stussy

Artist Profile: Kevin Lyons for Stussy

I’ve featured profiles on Kevin Lyons before but I don’t care, I just love watching him draw. Watch him draw (and listen to him talk) below!

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11.09.13 by Jeff

Artist Profile: Four Tet

Four Tet Looking Backward, Moving Forward Mini-documentary

Ten years after the release of his influential album “Rounds”, The Creators Project profiles Four Tet (Kieran Hebden). Watch the video below!

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11.09.13 by Jeff

“Danielle” by Anthony Cerniello

danielle by Anthony Cerniello

Watch “Danielle” age before your eyes. Video below!

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05.09.13 by Staff

“I Don’t Need A Reason” by Dizzee Rascal

i don't need a reason by dizzee rascal
And the award for best use of loop goes to this video! Directed by Emile Sornin. Watch it below!

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04.09.13 by Staff

“Poo Printer” by Fabrizio Lamoncha

poo printer by Fabrizio Lamoncha
Fabrizio Lamoncha’s “Poo Printer” is the best thing ever! It uses a group of caged male zebra finches to spell out letters from the Latin alphabet using their excrement. See more images and watch the time lapse below!

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03.09.13 by Staff

“Ghost Stories” by Late Night Work Club

Ghost Stories by Late Night Work Club
Late Night Work Club is a collective of animators from around the world who just finished their first collection of films on the subject “Ghost Stories.” An absolutely fantastic anthology of work! The whole thing is about 40min long and definitely worth the watch. See it below!

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29.08.13 by Jeff

Temples “Keep In The Dark”

Temples Keep In The Dark music video

Diggin’ this Temples song, video directed by Abbie Stephens. Watch “Keep In The Dark” below!

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23.08.13 by Jeff

“The Jolly Dot” Animation by Mikey Please and Dan Ojari

Mikey Please and Dan Ojari's tribute to Richard Williams, Ivor Cutler, and Norman McLaren

Mikey Please (the genius that made that incredible stop-motion “The Eagleman Stag”) and animator Dan Ojari have created a fantastic little tribute to Richard Williams, Ivor Cutler, and Norman McLaren. Watch it below!

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