02.08.11 by Jeff

Year Zero

Globe’s new surf film “Year Zero” looks pretty cool but I’m just stoked that it features an original soundtrack by Vancouver’s Black Mountain.

Globe 0000 Year Zero surf film featuring Black Mountain

Watch the trailer for 16mm film below!

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29.07.11 by Jeff

Be A Manwolf Today

Oh! My! Gaad!!! This is awesome. If you were one of the fortunate few to see Machotaildrop (even if you haven’t) you will love this. “Be A Manwolf Today”, created by my friend Corey Adams and Alex Craig.

Be A Manwolf Today - es footwear by corey adams and alex craig

Watch the film below!

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28.07.11 by Jeff

All Is Not Lost

OK Go + Pilobolus - All Is Not Lost music video

“All Is Not Lost” by OK Go. Watch the music video below!

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26.07.11 by Jeff


Bjork Crystalline music video directed by Michel Gondry

“Crystalline” by Björk. Directed by Michel Gondry. Watch the music video below!

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12.07.11 by Jeff


“Chorus” by Coolrunnings.

Chorus by Coolrunnings music video directed by rafael bonilla jr

Watch the music video below!

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08.07.11 by Jeff

Surfer’s Hymn

Surfer's Hymn music video by Panda Bear

“Surfer’s Hymn” by Panda Bear. I’m late on this one! Great video! Watch the music video below!

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06.07.11 by Jeff

Lifetime / The Road Trip

Road trip with Lifetime and Salazar, from Vancouver to Arizona!

Lifetime Collective x Salazar / The Road Trip

Watch the video below!

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05.07.11 by Jeff

Superstars Don’t Love

“Superstars Don’t Love” by Buck 65. Sixty fictional movies!

superstars dont love music video travis hopkins buck 65

Watch the music video below!

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