27.04.11 by Jeff

Somewhere to Disappear

“Somewhere to Disappear” is a film that follows photographer Alec Soth as he documents people who have withdrawn themselves from society. Directed by Laure Flammarion and Arnaud Uytthenove.

Somewhere to Disappear film with photographer Alec Soth

Watch the trailer below!

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20.04.11 by Jeff

Donald Weber in Japan

The latest episode of the VBS/Incase project Picture Perfect follows Canadian photographer Donald Weber as he documents the on-going nuclear crisis in Fukushima, Japan. (Where some of my relatives live.)

Donald Weber in Fukushima Picture Perfect

Watch the episode below!

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20.04.11 by Jeff

All Ways

“All Ways” by Corduroi. Directed by Color Chart.

Corduroi All Ways music video directed by Color Chart

Watch the music video below!

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19.04.11 by Jeff


“Symmetry” another marvelous video by Everynone for Radiolab.

Radiolab presents Symmetry by Everynone

Watch the video below!

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13.04.11 by Jeff

Simple Math

Manchester Orchestra Simple Math music video directed by Daniels

“Simple Math” by Manchester Orchestra has to be one of the best music videos I’ve seen in years. This is a landmark for director duo Daniel Scheinert and Dan Kwan (aka DANIELS) whose work up until now has been style over substance but they found a perfect balance here. A+

Watch the music video below!

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11.04.11 by Jeff

Superjail is back!

Superjail, the weirdest (greatest) animated show on television is back for a second season! Vice interviewed creator Christy Karacas while they mixed the sound for one of the episodes.

superjail season 2

Watch the interview below!

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08.04.11 by Jeff


“Balancer” by Ours. Directed by La Maison Démontable.

ours balancer music video stop-motion

Watch the stop-motion below!

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07.04.11 by Jeff

Beastie Boys


beastie boys fight for your right revisited trailer

Watch the trailer below!

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