29.07.12 by Jeff

free bike! thanks roddy!

free bike! thanks roddy!

29.07.12 by Jeff

little friend

little friend

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24.04.12 by Jeff


garfield clocks
Love these clocks at Blim.

05.03.12 by Jeff

Mahalo Gozaimasu

Mahalo Gozaimasu Hawaii
I wanted to leave Hawaii on a high note so I jumped a 60 ft cliff. Sorry Mom, it looks slightly more dangerous than it was.

It’s gonna be hard to leave this place but I’ve been here for nearly a month so I can’t really complain. I’ll be home this week and the site will go back to normal! More photos from the last few days below!

PS – If you’re on Instagram, lets be friends – @JeffHamada

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12.01.12 by Jeff

Scout Magazine Interview

Scout Magazine Interview with Jeff Hamada

Yesterday Scout Magazine ran a little interview with me and I wanted to share it with you. It was fun to answer a lot of questions I never get asked! You can read it here.

PS – Yes, this photo is from the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo.

17.12.11 by Jeff

Art Vandelay

art vandelay importer exporter tumblr

Art Vandelay – “Importing/Exporting funny animals”.

I would only follow my new tumblr if you’d like to be happy everyday for the rest of your life. I was originally going to make it an art-related thing but I think this is more fun.

If you have suggestions, leave a comment here!

01.12.11 by Jeff


Emails like these keep me going, thanks Tom!

Inbox email of the day Thank You Tom Ngo

18.10.11 by Jeff


Karaoke Birthdays are the best! Happy Birthday Gene!