16.05.17 by Jeff

Invisible Illness: A Documentary About Cancer & Survival


My friend Christa is the toughest person I know. In 2015 she battled breast cancer and after 12 weeks there were no signs of it in her body. She shared a Google Doc called A Cancer Plan of Attack for anyone newly diagnosed to read about the things that worked for her.

Some time later the cancer returned. It spread to her liver, lungs and her brain, but Christa continued to fight! I was with her in Hawaii earlier this year and she was so full of life and positivity, you couldn’t help but feel good and inspired around her. She is currently stable with no signs of the disease in her body and the last spots in her brain shrinking away, with some more scans scheduled.

In the past two years she’s learned a lot about life and struggles and healing, and now she’s launched a Kickstarter to create a film of her experience. Everything’s been shot she just needs help to take the film through the editing and post production phase. Watch the video below and if you want to contribute jump over to her Kickstarter page.




12.05.17 by Jeff

5 Questions You Must Answer (or die)

After all the amazing responses to the previous 5 Questions, I thought we could it again. It was a lot of fun to read through all the responses and feel like I know a lot more about you guys (found lots of new music as well). Below are 5 new questions for everyone to answer! I’ll put my answers in the comments too.


The Questions

1 – Are you left or right handed? (Bonus points for being ambidextrous)

2 – What fictional character do you most identify with?

3 – Do you feel Instagram is helping or hindering your creativity?

4 – What was the last thing that got you excited?

5 – Describe the shoes you wore today? (Wasn’t a question, found a loophole)




11.05.17 by Jeff

Vancouver Comic Arts Festival 2017

Artwork by Brandon Graham


The Vancouver Comic Arts Festival 2017 is almost here! The Roundhouse will host the free two-day event May 20+21, with a vendor fair featuring hundreds of comic creators from BC and elsewhere, panels, workshops and art lessons for kids. Festival hours are 10AM to 5PM on Saturday and Sunday. More info below.

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04.05.17 by Jeff

5 Questions You Must Answer (or die)

I’ve been brainstorming a bunch of ways to get to know all of you better, especially all of you lurkers. What I propose is we all answer the same five questions. Whether you’ve been hanging around on Booooooom for years or this is literally the third sentence you’ve ever read on this site, it would be really cool if you took two minutes to introduce yourself by answering these five questions!

If a bunch of people do it, maybe it can turn into a recurring thing. I’ll put my answers in the comments too.


The Questions

1 – What’s happening outside the nearest window?

2 – Do you have any scars? Describe one.

3 – If you formed a gang with your closest friends, what would be an accurate word to describe it?

4 – What’s the current wallpaper on your cell phone or computer? Describe in as much detail as necessary.

5 – If they turned your life into a movie, what song would play during the opening sequence? Post a Youtube link to the song if there is one.




20.04.17 by Staff

Collection of Trippy and Strangely Satisfying Videos + Gifs (with no CGI)

Dry erase marker reacting to water

Lately I’ve been collecting videos that look like computer-generated imagery (CGI) but are actually real. There are art installations, optical illusions, science experiments, and a lot of clips where someone is filming something completely normal but because of the lighting or the camera shutter (in the case of the helicopter clip) the results look surreal.

I also have a very nerdy love of magic so maybe that’s actually the common thread here; perception versus reality. If you have suggestions for other videos that fit this theme please leave a comment, I’d love to keep adding to this collection. Shout out to r/woahdude.

Have a look at the videos below and you’ll get the idea! May need to give it a second to load!
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18.04.17 by Jeff

For Nostalgic Gamers: Starcraft is Now Completely Free

My friends and I have actually been playing Warcraft II lately. I don’t mean World of Warcraft (I’ve never played any of those game), I’m talking about the classic one from like 1996! Shout out to our buddy Steve who figured out how to make it work on our computers. Anyways, we were joking about how we should try Starcraft next (most of us have never played it) and lo and behold Blizzard has just announced you can now download the original Starcraft game and the expansion for free! (Thanks Kotaku) If there’s a way to play online, I challenge any of you to a game.

Get it here. (mac/pc)


13.04.17 by Jeff

Constructive Criticism: Share Your Work (Sponsored by AND CO)

This month our Constructive Criticism post is sponsored by AND CO, a new platform designed to help freelancers with everything from invoicing, payments, and time tracking. We’re giving away 3 Gold Accounts (for 1 year) just tell us what you love most about freelancing. They also recently partnered with the Freelancers Union to create an extremely easy to use Freelance Contract, designed to protect freelancers from non-payment and can be customized in a variety of ways depending on needs, usage rights, fees and other areas of protection.

Now if you’re an artist, designer, photographer, creative of any kind, looking for feedback on your work, here’s an opportunity to receive some constructive criticism! If you’re brave enough to share an image of your work below we’ll provide some honest feedback and we’d like to invite other readers to give some polite, helpful, insightful comments as well! It can be really hard to step outside yourself and see your own work with fresh eyes, so having other people offer some perspective may help you.

If you’re going to share work, all we ask is that you take the time to leave some feedback for someone else! Your feedback should be honest and direct (but not mean).

To submit work or provide feedback open up the full post (either by clicking on the post title, the image above or the link at the bottom) and scroll down to the comments section. Please read the guidelines below!



1. If you share your own work here, please also leave some feedback for others that have posted work. It helps the community!

2. Please don’t flood the comments with multiple posts of your work. Simply post once, include 1 – 3 images, and a brief description of your project.

3. Your post may not show up right away because it has an image attached, so don’t freak out and post a million times, once is enough.

4. If you are providing feedback for someone please remember: “Constructive criticism is the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments, in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one. The purpose of constructive criticism is to improve the outcome.” (via)




11.04.17 by Jeff

Daily Puzzles on @Booooooom Instagram

Keep an eye on our @Booooooom Instagram stories, we’ll be sharing puzzles on there from time to time. If you are into brain teasers, riddles, puzzles of any kind and want to share a good one please share it here!

This post will also be used for submitting answers to the daily puzzles! If you have an answer for our current puzzle, leave a comment below with the puzzle #hashtag. We’ll be shouting out puzzle solvers on our stories!!!