20.04.17 by Staff

Collection of Trippy and Strangely Satisfying Videos + Gifs (with no CGI)

Dry erase marker reacting to water

Lately I’ve been collecting videos that look like computer-generated imagery (CGI) but are actually real. There are art installations, optical illusions, science experiments, and a lot of clips where someone is filming something completely normal but because of the lighting or the camera shutter (in the case of the helicopter clip) the results look surreal.

I also have a very nerdy love of magic so maybe that’s actually the common thread here; perception versus reality. If you have suggestions for other videos that fit this theme please leave a comment, I’d love to keep adding to this collection. Shout out to r/woahdude.

Have a look at the videos below and you’ll get the idea! May need to give it a second to load!
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18.04.17 by Jeff

For Nostalgic Gamers: Starcraft is Now Completely Free

My friends and I have actually been playing Warcraft II lately. I don’t mean World of Warcraft (I’ve never played any of those game), I’m talking about the classic one from like 1996! Shout out to our buddy Steve who figured out how to make it work on our computers. Anyways, we were joking about how we should try Starcraft next (most of us have never played it) and lo and behold Blizzard has just announced you can now download the original Starcraft game and the expansion for free! (Thanks Kotaku) If there’s a way to play online, I challenge any of you to a game.

Get it here. (mac/pc)


13.04.17 by Jeff

Constructive Criticism: Share Your Work (Sponsored by AND CO)

This month our Constructive Criticism post is sponsored by AND CO, a new platform designed to help freelancers with everything from invoicing, payments, and time tracking. We’re giving away 3 Gold Accounts (for 1 year) just tell us what you love most about freelancing. They also recently partnered with the Freelancers Union to create an extremely easy to use Freelance Contract, designed to protect freelancers from non-payment and can be customized in a variety of ways depending on needs, usage rights, fees and other areas of protection.

Now if you’re an artist, designer, photographer, creative of any kind, looking for feedback on your work, here’s an opportunity to receive some constructive criticism! If you’re brave enough to share an image of your work below we’ll provide some honest feedback and we’d like to invite other readers to give some polite, helpful, insightful comments as well! It can be really hard to step outside yourself and see your own work with fresh eyes, so having other people offer some perspective may help you.

If you’re going to share work, all we ask is that you take the time to leave some feedback for someone else! Your feedback should be honest and direct (but not mean).

To submit work or provide feedback open up the full post (either by clicking on the post title, the image above or the link at the bottom) and scroll down to the comments section. Please read the guidelines below!



1. If you share your own work here, please also leave some feedback for others that have posted work. It helps the community!

2. Please don’t flood the comments with multiple posts of your work. Simply post once, include 1 – 3 images, and a brief description of your project.

3. Your post may not show up right away because it has an image attached, so don’t freak out and post a million times, once is enough.

4. If you are providing feedback for someone please remember: “Constructive criticism is the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments, in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one. The purpose of constructive criticism is to improve the outcome.” (via)




11.04.17 by Jeff

Daily Puzzles on @Booooooom Instagram

Keep an eye on our @Booooooom Instagram stories, we’ll be sharing puzzles on there from time to time. If you are into brain teasers, riddles, puzzles of any kind and want to share a good one please share it here!

This post will also be used for submitting answers to the daily puzzles! If you have an answer for our current puzzle, leave a comment below with the puzzle #hashtag. We’ll be shouting out puzzle solvers on our stories!!!


11.04.17 by Staff

Giveaway: AND CO Gold Accounts

This week we are partnering with AND CO, a new platform built for freelancers to easily manage everything from contracts and time tracking to invoicing and payments. Their motto is “less hassle, more hustle,” aiming to provide freelancers with an all-in-one desktop and mobile dashboard that takes the headache out of the business side of freelancing.

They have also recently partnered with the Freelancers Union to create an extremely easy to use Freelance Contract. It’s designed to protect freelancers from non-payment and can be customized in a variety of ways depending on needs, usage rights, fees and other areas of protection. Check it out here.

We have 3 Gold Accounts (for 1 year) to giveaway, just tell us what you love most about freelancing in the comments below, and we’ll pick winners in 2 weeks!

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11.04.17 by Staff

Reddit Users Participate in Elaborate Collaborative Canvas Made of 1 Million Pixels

This year Reddit celebrated April Fool’s Day with Reddit Place, a virtual blank canvas made up of one million pixels. Users were invited to colour in a pixel but with the caveat that they had to wait 5-10 minutes before colouring another. The sub ran for 72 hours with the simple prompt:

There is an empty canvas.
You may place a tile upon it, but you must wait to place another.
Individually you can create something.
Together you can create something more.

Taking the last line to heart, entire communities emerged on the basis of wanting a particular corner to be a specific colour or those with grander goals in mind like The Starry KnightsMona Lisa Clan or Black Void.

Click below to check out a complete timelapse video or click here to see an animated gif of the image above! You can also find data dumps of the canvas activity here as well as an archive of the various stories behind almost every pixel at The Place Atlas.

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10.04.17 by Jeff

Illustrator Spotlight: Tomer Hanuka

Love this New Yorker cover by illustrator Tomer Hanuka (previously featured here). See more of his recent work below.

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05.04.17 by Jeff

New DKNG Studios Skillshare Class on Illustrating an Icon Set (Sponsored)


We’re partnering with Skillshare once again, to offer you guys access to thousands of quality art and design classes taught by award-winning creatives. A new Skillshare class has been released called Illustrating an Icon Set: Design a Cohesive Series, featuring illustrator Dan Kuhlken and designer Nathan Goldman of DKNG Studios. You may know them from their fantastic poster for Paramount’s 100th year Anniversary featuring 100 movies transformed into icons (check it out here).

Skillshare was interested in Booooooom sharing news of this class so I enrolled in it to make sure it was something worth your time. I’ve written a short review below and if you want to try it out, we have an exclusive offer for 2 free months of Skillshare Premium — just hit the link here!



I’ll preface my review of this class by saying that despite having freelanced as a graphic designer for several years, most of my knowledge of Illustrator came from learning on my own (through trial and error). For every advanced thing that I figured out there were always a couple other basic things I didn’t, and it’s interesting to watch these lessons with a ‘swiss cheese’ knowledge of the program because they reveal so many more efficient ways of working.



Dan Kuhlken does the heavy lifting in this class, creating three film-related icons but Nathan Goldman chimes in a fair amount with some good insights. Bonus: his voice kinda reminds me of a Will Forte character and it kinda made me look forward to his input. Also, I was a bit surprised that Dan prefers to use a trackpad for this kind of work. Do a lot of you use trackpads in illustrator? I can’t get into it.



Prior to taking this class I never understood how or why people used multiple art boards, and I was unaware you could turn shapes into guides (Lesson 3) or use global color to update every instance of a color in your document (Lesson 4). All of these things are super useful and the global color thing specifically could have saved me hours of work on pretty much every project I’ve ever worked on.

Having completed several classes now, I think there should be an overlay (that can be toggled on and off) dedicated to all the hot keys the teachers use. Many of them pop up on screen but not enough in my opinion. You can figure out most of them with a quick Google search it just kinda breaks the flow.



I created the image above based off the film poster for Dunkirk. It’s not finished yet, and it still feels a bit different from the icons they created below. I definitely need to introduce white somewhere, clean up the landscape stuff, and probably add some thin straight line details but it’s getting there.



The class ends with some tips on finals tweaks like using off-white instead of pure white to make things feel a little more custom (rounding corners also helps). Overall it’s another really great class, and I learned a lot of things that will now become part of my regular workflow.

If you have any specific questions about the class feel free to a comment or send a tweet. You can watch the trailer for the class below, and if you’re interested in trying out Skillshare we have a special deal for our readers to try 2 months of Skillshare Premium for free!