30.05.11 by Jeff

Misha de Ridder

Photos from “Dune”, a new book by Misha de Ridder.

Dune photo book by Misha de Ridder
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27.05.11 by Jeff

Matilde Viegas

Photos by Matilde Viegas. Portugal.

Photographer Matilde Viegas photography
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26.05.11 by Jeff

Hannah Davis

25.05.11 by Jeff

Oliver Morris

25.05.11 by Jeff

Sarah Hermans

Photos by Sarah Hermans. Brussels.

Photographer Sarah Hermans photography
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24.05.11 by Jeff

Helen Korpak

Photos by Helen Korpak. Helsinki.

Photographer Helen Korpak photography
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24.05.11 by Jeff

Emily Burtner

Photos by Emily Burtner. Baltimore.

Photographer Emily Burtner photography
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23.05.11 by Jeff

Egg Pinhole Camera

Francesco Capponi’s “Pinhegg” is an egg pinhole camera that also becomes the photograph! I love the idea that the camera is only good for one shot and must be sacrificed to reveal the image!

The Pinhegg turn an egg into a pinhole camera
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