21.06.11 by Jeff


Tourisms is a collection of photographic travel guides. These photos are from “A Guide to the Shetland Islands” by David Cooper.

Tourisms photographic travel guides
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20.06.11 by Jeff

Dear Photograph

Dear Photograph is an amazing project with simple instructions: “Take a picture of a picture from the past in the present”.

Dear Photograph Tumblr Project
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20.06.11 by Jeff

Elina Nilsson

Photos by Elina Nilsson. Stockholm, Sweden.

Photographer Elina Nilsson photography
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17.06.11 by Jeff

Charlie Engman

14.06.11 by Jeff

Eric Tabuchi

“Faith and Modernity”, photos by Eric Tabuchi.

Photographer Eric Tabuchi photography
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13.06.11 by Jeff

Marija Strajnic

10.06.11 by Jeff

Aimee Brodeur

10.06.11 by Jeff

Chrischa Oswald