27.09.10 by Jeff

Miliken Gardner

27.09.10 by Jeff

Paul Fusco

“RFK Train”, a series of photos by Paul Fusco.

photographer photography paul fusco
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26.09.10 by Jeff

Dolly Kershaw

Photos by Dolly Kershaw. London.

photographer dolly kershaw photography
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24.09.10 by Jeff

Justin Waldron

23.09.10 by Jeff

Mark Wickens

Photos by Mark Wickens. San Francisco, California.

photographer photography mark wickens
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23.09.10 by Jeff

Stylus Epic

I recently found a beautiful Stylus Epic (aka Mju-1) that looks like it was barely used. Reeeally excited to put some rolls through it!

Olympus Stylus EPIC Early AF 35mm camera

(although I’m still shooting with this and this.)

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22.09.10 by Jeff

Luke Abiol

21.09.10 by Jeff

Aya Brackett