19.01.10 by Jeff

Kyle Scully

Photos by my good friend Kyle Scully. Vancouver. I am the proud owner of a gigantic framed print of this first one. Oh, he’s on Flickr too.

kyle scully vancouver photographer photography play with fire
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19.01.10 by Jeff

Teppei Takahashi

Photos by Teppei Takahashi. Tokyo.

teppei takahashi photographer photography
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18.01.10 by Jeff

Andrew Tomchyshyn

Photos by Andrew Tomchyshyn. Vancouver.

andrew tomchyshyn photographer photography
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15.01.10 by Jeff

Viviane Sassen

Photos by Viviane Sassen. Amsterdam.

viviane sassen photographer photography amsterdam
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14.01.10 by Jeff

Christian Hansen

Photos by Christian Hansen.

christian hansen photographer photography
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13.01.10 by Jeff

Mando Alvarez

12.01.10 by Jeff

Joe Leavenworth

12.01.10 by Jeff

Clare Kelly

Photos by Clare Kelly. Los Angeles.

clare kelly photographer photography los angeles
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