09.11.09 by Jeff

Garry Trinh / Interview

Our Tangents art show is just a few days away (Friday)! Here’s artist interview #3! Introducing Garry Trinh!



garry trinh tangents interview art show vancouver

Is it true that Australians are to blame for “Uggs”?

Is it’s true and proud of them we are.

In your humble opinion, what is the worst movie of all time?

I haven’t kept a list of movies I hate. I tend to see the good in all things. However, I felt physically nauseous while watching Cloverfield on the big screen and really really needed to leave the cinema. Those handycam shots made me feel like I was on a two hour roller coaster. Took a day to recover from the experience.

I was immediately drawn to the humour in your work, especially in your “snaps”. Do people ever laugh out loud when they encounter your work in a gallery setting?

That would be a great reaction if people laughed out loud. The people that look at my work often have a bewildered expression on their face. I don’t think they take the time to really LOOK. I feel the need to explain the photograph to them. I can not decided if my humour is just personal or universal.

garry trinh tangents interview art show vancouver

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