29.07.14 by Jeff

Tim Richmond


Photos by Tim Richmond. See more below.

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29.07.14 by Jeff

Bertien van Manen


“Moonshine”, photos by Bertien van Manen. More below.

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28.07.14 by Jeff

Ania Vouloudi


“Wild Beasts & Sea Monsters”, photos by Ania Vouloudi. More below

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24.07.14 by Jeff

Sian Davey


“Finding Alice” is a series of photos by Sian Davey of her daughter Alice, who was born with Downs Syndrome. From her site:

“Alice has entered a world where routine genetic screening at twelve weeks gestation is thrust towards birth prevention rather than birth preparation. Whilst we make our selection and decisions in private, the effect on society is that ninety two percent of Downs Syndrome babies are terminated at the pre-natal screening stage.

I was deeply shocked when Alice was born as an ‘imperfect’ baby. It was not what I had expected. Our first experiences in hospital did little to diffuse this. Examining Alice the paediatrician pulled back her legs, pushed her thumbs deep into her groin, and promptly announced that we should take Alice home and treat her like any other baby. But she didn’t feel like any other baby, and I was fraught with anxiety that rippled through to every aspect of my relationship with her. My anxieties penetrated my dreams. I dreamt that Alice was swaddled in a blanket and that I had forgotten all about her. I unwrapped the tight bundle that she was nestled in, to feed her, only to discover that she was covered in a white fluid – a fluid of neglect; and yet I was unable to feed her, unable to respond to her basic needs.

On reflection I saw that Alice was feeling my rejection of her and that caused me further pain. I saw that the responsibility lay with me; I had to dig deep into my own prejudices and shine a light on them. The result was that as my fear dissolved I fell in love with my daughter. We all did.

I wonder how it might be for Alice to be valued without distinction, without exception and without second glance. This project is for her, for Alice.”

More photos from this series below.

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24.07.14 by Jeff

Antoine Bruy


“Scrublands”, photos by Antoine Bruy. More below.

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24.07.14 by Jeff

Tatiana Vinogradova


“Days of Melancholy”, a series of stunning portraits by photographer Tatiana Vinogradova focused on the experience of gay men in Russia. From her site:

“In Russia the level of intolerance toward homosexuality has been rising sharply. A 2013 survey found that 74% of Russians said homosexuality should not be accepted by society. 16% of Russians surveyed said that gay people should be isolated from society, 22% said they should be forced to undergo treatment, and 5% said homosexuals should be “liquidated”.”

Check out more photos below, and see the full series on her site (worth it to read the quotes from each of her subjects as well).

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24.07.14 by Jeff

Irina Rozovsky


Photos by Irina Rozovsky. More below.

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23.07.14 by Jeff

Martina Matencio


Photos by Martina Matencio aka Lovenenoso. More below.

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