02.05.14 by Jeff

Best of Instagram: Week 18

Here is this week’s Best of Instagram post. Aside from Valerie, these are all photographers with smaller followings. I should also mention that for these features I’m making a conscious effort to feature photography that isn’t all that same heavily filtered, faded, VSCO style that is consuming Instagram.

Guest posters often take over our @Booooooom Instagram, so if you’d like to be considered for a future “Best of” post you can connect with me on my personal Instagram account @JeffHamada. You can and should leave a comment below with a link to your Instagram along with an image from your feed!



Valerie Chiang – @ninebagatelles



Alishia Farnan – @alishia_farnan



So Mitsuya – @hynemos



Hayley Trone – @hayleyrheagan



Rosie Ubacher – @rosie_ubacher



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01.05.14 by Jeff

Benoit Paillé Photographs the Virtual World of Grand Theft Auto V


Montreal-based photographer Benoit Paillé uses the virtual world of the Grand Theft Auto V video game to question the practice of photography in his series “Crossroad of Realities”. Paillé waits for hours inside the game environment for lightning to strike, or rain to fall, and seeks out the perfect spot for a sunset to appear, so he can capture it all with his camera. Then he painstakingly re-creates the lighting in studio and stages a person using an array of picture taking devices to be composited into the photographs.

His work questions our use of technology, authorship, analog photography, and photography as a whole, in a world that is increasingly becoming digital.

Watch the video below to get a better idea of Paillé’s process and hear him talk about the work. Lots more images below.

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01.05.14 by Jeff

Jay Bing


Photos by Jay Bing.

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30.04.14 by Jeff

Dan Busta


“Ghosts”, photos by photographer Dan Busta.

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30.04.14 by Jeff

Eric Ruby


Photos by Eric Ruby (previously featured here). More below.

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29.04.14 by Jeff

Mossless: The United States (2003 – 2013)


Not too long ago I posted about the folks at Mossless putting together an epic book of 550 photos taken within the United States in the last 10 years. The collection represents more than 100 contemporary photographers. Well, now they need help picking a cover! If you submit a vote you’re automatically entered to win a free copy of the book.

I think the photo above, by Nathanael Turner, is my choice. You can see all the choices, and get more information about the book, here.

28.04.14 by Jeff

Aaron Durand


“Trains in Motion”, photos by Aaron Durand. More below.

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28.04.14 by Jeff

Jean-Baptiste Sinniger


Photos by Jean-Baptiste Sinniger.

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