04.06.10 by Jeff

You Li

Photos by You Li.

Photographer Eris Yo photography
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03.06.10 by Jeff

Mikael Kennedy

Photos by Mikael Kennedy. New York City.

Photographer Mikael Kennedy
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02.06.10 by Jeff

Cody Chandler

02.06.10 by Jeff

Maryanne Casasanta

Photos by Maryanne Casasanta. Toronto.

Photographer Maryanne Casasanta photography
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01.06.10 by Jeff

Hong Kong + Japan

I just developed seven rolls of film from my trip! I’m updating my Flickr with some images but I thought I’d also share a few here!

jeff hamada 35mm photography photographs japan hong kong
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18.05.10 by Jeff

Charlie Engman

14.05.10 by Jeff

Gina Osterloh

14.05.10 by Jeff

Matt Niebuhr