09.03.14 by Jeff

Jeff Luker


Photos by Jeff Luker. See more below.

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07.03.14 by Jeff

Genevieve Bjargardottir


Photos by Genevieve Bjargardottir. See more below.

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06.03.14 by Jeff

Justin Guthrie


Photos by Justin Guthrie. More below.

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04.03.14 by Jeff

Kevin Trageser


Photos by Kevin Trageser. More below.

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03.03.14 by Jeff

Ute Klein


“Resonanzgeflechte”, a photo series by photographer Ute Klein. She lives and works in London and Berlin. More below.

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28.02.14 by Jeff

Ryan Duffin


Photos by Ryan Duffin. See more below.

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24.02.14 by Jeff

Rumi Baumann


Photos by Rumi Baumann. Found via February Submissions.

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21.02.14 by Jeff

Best of Kickstarter: Mossless Issue Three


Grace and Romke (Mossless) are putting together a massive anthology of over 550 photos taken within the United States, in the last 10 years. The United States (2003-2013) will be a collection of work representing more than 100 contemporary photographers.

Watch the video below to hear Grace and Romke explain the ambitious project in their own words.

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