Chill Wildlife Submissions

If you've got an image or video you'd like to submit to @chillwildlife you've come to the right place! People are always DM'ing me images but I can't see any of them if their Instagram is private (which happens a lot). So hopefully this will work better!

Before you submit something here keep in mind I don't post many images with text on them. If you're submitting an image that isn't your own it'd be awesome if you also linked the source, as I'd like to credit the animals/owners as much as possible.

If you're the owner of an image and you'd like it removed, email me jeff [at] booooooom [dot] com.

Photo by @savannahmark

To submit a photo or video use the Disqus plugin below. Click the image icon to upload an image and if possible paste the source URL. If it's a video clip just paste the URL.