26.09.10 by Jeff

Dolly Kershaw

Photos by Dolly Kershaw. London.

photographer dolly kershaw photography
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02.09.10 by Jeff

Yum Yum

A fantastic little animation by Yum Yum London.

yum yum london

Watch the short below, and a little more of their work too.

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30.08.10 by Jeff

Raven Smith

Photos by Raven Smith. London.

photographer photography raven smith
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13.08.10 by Jeff

Jonathan Wateridge

Paintings by Jonathan Wateridge. London.

jonathan wateridge artist painter painting
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11.08.10 by Jeff

Rianna Cox

Photos by Rianna Cox. London.

photographer photography rianna cox
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03.08.10 by Jeff

Little White Lies

Little White Lies just sent over a fun Zissou poster!

the life aquatic with steve zissou poster print little white lies

28.07.10 by Jeff

Little Drifters / Worldwide

Here are all the “Little Drifters” submissions! Aren’t these amazing? It’s exciting to imagine all of you guys, on different sides of the planet, building these things. Thank you to everyone who participated in this project! You’ve all made this world a nicer place! Well done!

Little Drifters Booooooom project Worldwide submissions
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13.07.10 by Jeff

Benjamin Seeley

Photos by Benjamin Seeley. London, England.

benjamin seeley photographer photography
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