15.11.10 by Jeff

Sophie Kern

Drawings by Sophie Kern. London.

illustrator illustration sophie kern
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15.10.10 by Jeff

Kaye Blegvad

“Potato Baby”, drawings by Kaye Blegvad. London. This is great.

illustrator illustration kaye blegvad drawings potato baby
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07.10.10 by Jeff

Abigail Reynolds

Cut and folded photographs, works by Abigail Reynolds. London.

folded photographs by artist abigail reynolds
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06.10.10 by Jeff

Melinda Gibson

“Photomontages”, by Melinda Gibson. London.

photographer photography artist photo collage montage melinda gibson
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28.09.10 by Jeff

13 art/photo blogs to bookmark!

Just for fun I have put together a list of 13 creative blogs focused on art and/or photography. I check these websites regularly, you might want to bookmark them. In no particular order they are:

13 creative art photo blogs to bookmark unless you are dumb booooooom

1. Piet Mondriaan - A contemporary art blog brilliantly curated by Simon Kentgens and Michiel Huijben.

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26.09.10 by Jeff

Dolly Kershaw

Photos by Dolly Kershaw. London.

photographer dolly kershaw photography
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02.09.10 by Jeff

Yum Yum

A fantastic little animation by Yum Yum London.

yum yum london

Watch the short below, and a little more of their work too.

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30.08.10 by Jeff

Raven Smith

Photos by Raven Smith. London.

photographer photography raven smith
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