27.12.13 by Jeff

Alessandra Genualo


Drawings by Italian illustrator Alessandro Genualo. London. Submitted via the Booooooom Tumblr.

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24.12.13 by Jeff

Top 15 Posts on Booooooom in 2013

I’m still compiling my annual roundup of photos from 2013 but in the meantime here are 15 of the most popular posts from the past year of Booooooom! Merry Christmas everyone!


Sculptures by artist Kris Kuksi

1. “Churchtanks” Sculptures by Artist Kris Kuksi


Drawings by artist John Franzen

2. Morphogenetic Freehand Drawings By Artist John Franzen


Photographer Alexey Kljatov Tapes Lens To Camera To Take Incredible Macro Snowflake Photos

3. Incredible Macro Snowflake Photos Taken With D.I.Y. Camera


yu yamauchi mt fuji photography

4. 600 Sunrises Atop Mt. Fuji Photographed by Yu Yamauchi


Map portraits drawings by artist Ed Fairburn

5. Artist Ed Fairburn Draws Portraits Of People On Old Maps


Wings by metalsmith Dukno Yoon

6. Wings by Metalsmith Dukno Yoon


Stardust generative portraits by Sergio Albiac

7. “Stardust” Generative Portraits by Artist Sergio Albiac


London Grammar Wasting My Young Years

8. 600+ Pinhole Cameras used for London Grammar’s Music Video


anne ten donkelaar

9. Beautiful “Flower Constructions” Made From Pressed Flowers


Drawings by CJ Hendry

10. Incredible Photorealist Drawings by Artist CJ Hendry


Flexible Paper Sculptures by artist Li Hongbo

11. Mind-Bending Flexible Paper Sculptures by Artist Li Hongbo


Trace Heavens light installations by artist James Nizam

12. Light Installations by Photographer James Nizam


Ernesto Artillos

13. Collages by Artist Ernesto Artillos


animated murals by artist INSA

14. “Gif-fiti” Fantastic Animated Murals by Artist INSA


Time-Lapse photos by photographer Pelle Cass

15. Time-Lapse Photos by Photographer Pelle Cass

20.12.13 by Jeff

Jon Hopkins “Open Eye Signal” Music Video

open eye signal music video

After finding the “Red Dust” video below, I poked around on James Vincent McMorrow’s site.  He wrote that he reached out to Aoife McArdle immediately after seeing her video for Jon Hopkins’ “Open Eye Signal”. So I had to watch it too, and wow, what an experience! Certainly one of the best videos this year.

I don’t know if I’ve ever posted back to back music video written and directed by the same person. Needless to say, Aoife McArdle is one to watch, and so is the DP, Steve Annis.

Watch “Open Eye Signal” below.

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16.12.13 by Jeff

Mr. Phomer


London-based artist/illustrator Mr. Phomer. Thank you to Maria Pizzeria for the heads up. See more below!

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20.11.13 by Jeff

“Suspend Belief” by Danny Sangra

Suspend Belief by Danny Sangra

An American playing a French man supposedly in Paris but actually in London. An entertaining short directed by Danny Sangra. Watch below!

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26.07.13 by Jeff

Anthony Gerace

Collages by artist Anthony Gerace

Collages by artist Anthony Gerace. London.

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15.07.13 by Jeff

Best of Instagram: Week 6

Here is this week’s Best of Instagram, an on-going feature highlighting photographers on Instagram. If you’d like to be considered for a future post follow me and/or leave me a message on my Instagram @jeffhamada.

Best photographers on Instagram: 5 to follow

@jaredchambers – Jared Chambers, Los Angeles.


Best photographers on Instagram: 5 to follow

@hamadahideaki – Hideaki Hamada, Osaka.


Best photographers on Instagram: 5 to follow

@andygrellmann – Andy Grellmann, Vancouver.


Best photographers on Instagram: 5 to follow

@dearleila – Leila Peterson, London.


Best photographers on Instagram: 5 to follow

@maurice – Maurice Li, Vancouver.


Best of Instagram: Week 1

Best of Instagram: Week 2

Best of Instagram: Week 3

Best of Instagram: Week 4

Best of Instagram: Week 5

29.05.13 by Jeff

Reka / Artist Profile

Reka / Artist Profile
Here’s a great artist profile on my man Reka, shot in London last year. He talks about his process and the journey of finding objects to paint on. Some beautiful shots in here, this is an artist profile done right!

Watch the video below!

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17.04.13 by Jeff

“Victoria, George, Edward and Thatcher” by Callum Cooper

Victoria, George, Edward and Thatcher by Callum Cooper

Victoria, George, Edward and Thatcher by Callum Cooper

Victoria, George, Edward and Thatcher by Callum Cooper

Victoria, George, Edward and Thatcher by Callum Cooper
Callum Cooper (the same guy who made this, and this, and this, and this, and this) built this apparatus for his iphone and took 4,000 photos of homes from East to West London, over the course of two years. Then he compiled all the images into a film, watch it below!

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