21.04.15 by Jeff

How To Get Noticed: Steal Work from Sagmeister & Walsh

sagmeister-robbery1 sagmeister-robbery2 sagmeister-robbery3

Every young designer coming out of school today faces the same problem: How do I get noticed? Well, three gentlemen from a studio in Barcelona called Achos! decided their best bet was to steal work from some of their idols, award-winning design studio Sagmeister & Walsh, whose website famously uses an overhead camera and floor mats from the studio as a menu system.

Creative Review was the first to report the robbery, posting the images above showing the thieves lifting the word “work” off of Sagmeister & Walsh’s studio floor. The studio tweeted their deep sadness about the whole thing, which was retweeted 98 times.

The genius of this whole thing is that Sagmeister & Walsh was never robbed, and Creative Review never even wrote about it; it was all a lie. Achos! actually staged the robbery. They told me the found a similar room to re-create the Sagmeister studio (Danny Ocean style) but I believe this is also a lie, upon closer inspection of the images above, it appears to be a decent photoshop job. One thing they definitely did do was create a clever fake version of Creative Review’s website (.info instead of .co.uk) to report their stunt. The header of the fake CR Blog links back to the real CR Blog so it’s really effective, have a closer look here.


Sagmeister & Walsh were good sports about the stunt, playing along, and even temporarily covering up the word “work” from their website. It all concluded last week when Jessica Walsh spoke with Timothy Goodman in Barcelona and the Achos! gang showed up and returned her “work” to her.

So that’s one way to get noticed.


20.04.15 by Jeff

New York-Based Painter Ida Badal


The world seen from above, paintings by New York-based artist Ida Badal. More works below.

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20.04.15 by Jeff

Empty Film Posters With the Movie Titles and Main Subjects Removed


There’s something strangely satisfying about these film posters with the main titles and subjects completely erased, by French art director Madani Bendjellal. Chances are you’ll be able to easily recognize them all! More images below.

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20.04.15 by Jeff

Animation of the Day: Swap Meet


Animator Caleb Wood organized a collaborative experiment with 13 other visual artists and a couple sound artists. Each artist created a background and traded it with another artist, animating over top of the other’s work. Watch the terrific results below.

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20.04.15 by Prosthetic Knowledge

Music Video: Baggage Man by Sizarr

Baggage-Man Baggage-Man2Baggage-Man-3Baggage-Man-2

Latest video for German Post-Punk band Sizarr is made using 3D imaging technology to create point clouds which produce a pointilistic effect – video embedded below:

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20.04.15 by Jeff

Los Angeles-based Painter Alison Blickle


A selection of paintings by Los Angeles-based artist Alison Blickle from her show at Kravets / Wehby (New York) opening this week. More images below.

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20.04.15 by Kory Kingsley

Steven Turville


A selection of images from Columbus, Ohio based photographer Steven Turville. This work is some of Steven’s most recent photographs from his time spent working in Louisiana over the past year. Check out more images below.

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20.04.15 by Prosthetic Knowledge

Music Video: The Sky Behind The Flag

The Sky Behind The Flag The Sky Behind The Flag The Sky Behind The Flag

Music video for track by Domino Records artist Owen Pallett put together by the talented Eno Swinnen, whose style is deconstructed hand drawn animation – subjects appear but not fully formed, rather details and shape appear piecemeal. The still images above do not do justice to his work in motion – watch the video embedded below:

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