05.06.17 by Jeff

Illustrator Spotlight: Daryl Rainbow

A selection of work by Hackney, London-based illustrator Daryl Rainbow. More images below.

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31.05.17 by Staff

Algorithm Can Transform Your Memories into Works of Art

London-based tech studio Random Quark has developed an algorithm that can turn a person’s memories into digital paintings. Scanning the brain of a person while recalling an emotional moment, they identify the type of emotion the individual experienced. For example, if more activity is occurring in the left hemisphere, the feeling is positive.

Applying the Geneva Emotional Wheel they can further categorize “what kind of happy” you are. Even if several memories trigger similar emotions (and translate to similar colours), the EEG data is never the same so the pattern/painting is always unique to the memory. See more images from “Mindswarms” below.

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29.05.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Tristan Pigott

New work by artist Tristan Pigott (previously featured here). See more images from his upcoming show “Juicy Bits” below or on display at Cob Gallery in London June 8 – July 1.

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26.05.17 by Staff

“Solo Together” by Artist Paula Crown

Artist Paula Crown creates 150 ceramic replicas of those iconically cheap disposable red cups for her latest sculptural installation, inviting us to consider the complexity of the mundane and the temporality of togetherness. See more images from “Solo Together” below or on display at 10 Hanover gallery in London until June 8.

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17.05.17 by Staff

“Hometowns” by Photographer John MacLean

John Baldessari, National City, California


London-based photographer John MacLean travelled the world, capturing the hometowns of his heroes. Photographing each in the artist’s own aesthetic, MacLean explores how the places they grew up influenced their work and, in turn, his own. See more photo-homages from “Hometowns” below or in his book, available here.

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08.05.17 by Staff

Dreamy Reflected Landscapes by Photographer Murray Fredericks

Australian photographer Murray Fredericks uses mirrors to further reflect the landscape and help focus our attention away from ourselves. See more images from “Vanity” below or on display at Hamiltons Gallery in London until June 14.

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04.05.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Derek Mainella

Delightful abstracts by London-based artist Derek Mainella. More images below.

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04.05.17 by Staff

Warped Images by Designer Sam Bailey

London-based designer Sam Bailey experiments with code and software, often digitally manipulating images in 3D space. See more of Bailey’s work below.

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