02.07.15 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Erik Jones


Paintings by one of my favourites, New York-based artist Erik Jones. More images below.

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01.07.15 by Jeff

WTF Video of the Day: This Guy Skimboards Better Than You Surf


This is INSANE. The guy in the image above is not surfing. He goes by the name Brad Domke and he skimboards better than you will ever surf. The Florida-based skimboarder and his little finless board are changing the game. Watch the video below.

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01.07.15 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Matthew Stone


A selection of paintings by London-based artist Matthew Stone. More images below.

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01.07.15 by Jeff

Skate Video of the Day: The Edge of Arabia


Another fun skate video from globetrotting filmmaker Patrik Wallner. This one features Wallner and friends rolling all over Oman, Yemen, Jordan, Palestine, and Lebanon. Watch “The Edge of Arabia” below.

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01.07.15 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Camille Hoffman


Collaged paintings by New Haven, Connecticut-based artist Camille Hoffman. More images below.

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01.07.15 by Staff

The Life & Death of an iPhone


Great little video by Brooklyn-based filmmaker Paul Trillo. Taken from the phone’s point of view. Shot and edited entirely on an iPhone too, obviously. Watch below!

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01.07.15 by Kory Kingsley

Photographer Elizabeth Cara


Brilliant photographs of Hong Kong by Detroit-based Photographer, Elizabeth Cara. Elizabeth has an eye for architecture and everyday nuances. Take a look at her series titled “Untogether.” More images below.

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30.06.15 by Staff

Music Video: Dream Koala “Earth”

koala1 koala2 koala3

In collaboration with Fabulous 3D, Les Gentils Garçons have created an epic space opera for Dream Koala’s “Earth.” Watch the video below!

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