02.02.10 by Jeff

Isak Applin

Paintings by Isak Applin.

isak applin artist painter painting
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02.02.10 by Jeff


Montreal-based Palimpsest is an unbound magazine comprised of prints, literature, audio, textile, and video!

palimpsest publication art canadian magazine montreal
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02.02.10 by Jeff

Foam Magazine Winners!

And the winners of our Foam Magazine giveaway are…

foam magazine subscription giveaway winners

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02.02.10 by Jeff

Matthieu Lavanchy

Photos by Matthieu Lavanchy.

matthieu lavanchy photographer photography
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02.02.10 by Jeff

Scott Anderson

Paintings by Scott Anderson. I finally discover the artist behind the artwork in Beautiful/Decay’s sidebar banner.

scott anderson artist painter painting
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02.02.10 by Jeff

Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo

Drawings by Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo. Berlin.

drawing berlin artist christa joo hyun dangelo
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31.01.10 by Jeff

HELP HAITI – Art Fundraiser

I’m sure you’re all aware that Haiti needs help right now, so here’s a chance to lend a hand and get some amazing artwork in the process!

contemporary art donated to help haiti

All of the artwork displayed here is listed with the agreement that the artists will donate all of the proceeds from each sale to Haiti.

If you’re not interested in purchasing any of the artwork but you’d like to make a donation to a recognized organization, Google has made it very easy! http://www.google.com/relief/haitiearthquake/

help haiti art fundraiser

Ben Tour
Giclee Print on museum rag paper
17 x 22 inches

EMAIL TO PURCHASE – mention “Haiti Fundraiser”!

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29.01.10 by Jeff

Gary Brewer

Paintings by Gary Brewer.

gary brewer artist painter painting
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