30.04.15 by Jeff

Music Video: Death From Above 1979 “Virgins”


Death From Above 1979’s first album was a classic but for whatever reason I completely slept on their follow up to it in September. “Virgins” is their third single off of The Physical World and it makes me wanna go back and give it a listen.

Sebastien Grainger’s voice sounds as good as it did ten years ago and this video directed by his wife, Eva Michon, is an instant-classic. Check out the other videos on her site and her magazine, Bad Day. Watch some Amish kids get wild, eat flowers, and sniff ashes in the video below.

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30.04.15 by Jeff

Beautiful Undulating Kinetic Sculptures by Artist Jennifer Townley


There’s something really satisfying about watching these undulating kinetic sculptures by artist Jennifer Townley (maybe the music has something to do with it). I would love to experience standing in the middle of a giant version of one of these. Watch the videos below.

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30.04.15 by Zach Tutor

Jeff Peters


I’ve loved Jeff Peters’ paintings of ethereal snakes, fruit and other lifeforms for quite a few years. I’m glad to share it with you all here. Continue below for more.

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30.04.15 by Kory Kingsley

Meg Griffiths


A selection of colorful photographs from Columbia based photographer, Meg Griffiths’ series Casa Particular. Check out the whole series below.

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29.04.15 by Jeff

Video of the Day: Akira Kurosawa and the Art of Composing Movement


Filmmaker Tony Zhou continues his terrific series of film dissections, “Every Frame a Painting”, with a look at director Akira Kurosawa and his ability to effectively use movement. Watch the video below.

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29.04.15 by Zach Tutor

Rosanne Croucher


Paintings by Rosanne Croucher which I find to be really quite beautiful and mysterious.  You can see more of her from this series of paintings below.

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29.04.15 by Kory Kingsley

Yoshinori Mizutani


A selection of wonderful images by Tokyo based photographer, Yoshinori Mizutani. Yoshinori began photographing the parakeets to document the strange and rare occurrence of the swarming green birds. Take a look at more images below!

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29.04.15 by Prosthetic Knowledge

Music Video: Django Django “Reflections”

Django-1 Django-2 Django-3 Django-4

Net Art music video for Scottish band Django Django turns the performers into various objects. Rendered in 3D and employing motion capture of the band, the video was animated by Eva Papamargariti and directed by Natalia Stuyk (both very talented people in the field). You can watch the video below:

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