02.09.15 by Jeff

Short Film: “In Search of the Miraculous” by Sam Kuhn


When I came across Sam Kuhn’s video for Here We Go Magic (two posts below this one) I immediately went poking around on Vimeo to see what else he made. I came across this beautiful little art film, which I believe was funded through Kickstarter, called “In Search of the Miraculous”.

I can’t fully express what it is that I enjoy so much about this film but a lot of it is the cinematography by Fantavious Fritz (his short film “Paradise Falls” is great).

The description for this film is: “A young man drawn silently towards the siren call of oblivion. A river of cinematic images and sounds flowing into an ocean. A yawning abyss. A woman. The last shot in this film could land someone in jail.”

They weren’t joking about the last shot. Watch “In Search of the Miraculous” below.

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07.01.13 by Jeff

Angel Olsen / Tiniest Seed

Angel Olsen / Tiniest Seed music video
This film, a collaboration between Angel Olsen, Randy Sterling Hunter, Ashley Connor, and Zia Anger, was made using a single roll of tri-x 16mm film. It was rewound and re-exposed many times, developed, and sent across the Atlantic Ocean. A response was filmed and what you see here is the two spliced together.

Watch below!

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