29.08.13 by Jeff

Temples “Keep In The Dark”

Temples Keep In The Dark music video

Diggin’ this Temples song, video directed by Abbie Stephens. Watch “Keep In The Dark” below!

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14.11.12 by Jeff

“Traces” by Abbie Stephens

Traces Directed by Abbie Stephens for Emilio De La Morena
My friend Abbie Stephens directed this for Emilio De La Morena. So many good ideas in here! Watch below!

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30.01.12 by Jeff

Misery Guts

Misery Guts short film by Abbie Stephens

“Misery Guts”, a short film by Abbie Stephens about a girl who finds herself sinking into the ground.

Watch the film below!

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08.08.11 by Jeff

Table Beggar

“Table Beggar” by Loose Fit. A stunner of a music video by London-based director/animator Abbie Stephens (this is her first music video).

Loose Fit - Table Beggar music video by Abbie Stephens

Watch the music video below!

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