28.09.11 by Jeff

27 Waldos

Not too long ago Islands Fold proposed the idea of a collection of artists each creating their own unique version of Waldo (or Wally depending on your location). The artists would also imagine an environment for him to hide in. Somehow this amazing idea was rejected by the company who owns the rights. What a colossal mistake!

wheres waldo wally book idea proposal islands fold

Can you tell who drew each of these? See a full artist list below!

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12.04.11 by Jeff

Color Me _______ Exhibition

I wish I had known about the Color Me _______ Exhibition ahead of time! Artists Andy J. Miller and Andrew Neyer made a 24 ft mural and viewers could come and color it with huge markers! Looked like fun!

andy j miller andrew neyer Color Me Exhibition

Watch the video below!

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