21.12.11 by Jeff

Peter Sluszka

Clay morphing stop-motion animations by Peter Sluszka
Jaw-dropping clay morphing animations by Peter Sluszka.

Watch the animations below!

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21.12.11 by Jeff

Lonely Little Teacup

Lonely Little Teacup animation by Linnea Sterte
“Lonely Little Teacup”, an animation by Linnea Sterte.

Watch the animation below!

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20.12.11 by Jeff

To Give A Present

Kirsten Lepore Yo Gabba Gabba To Give A Present animation
“To Give A Present”, an animation by Kirsten Lepore for Yo Gabba Gabba. I love everything she makes. Watch the animation below!

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19.12.11 by Jeff

We Got Time

Moray McLaren - We Got Time music video

“We Got Time” by Moray McLaren. This video was directed by David Wilson three years ago and I forgot how amazing it is. I’m just gonna go ahead and call it the best music video of the past three years. I don’t know why I never ended up posting it before. Make sure you watch the making of video as well! All of the animations you see were done in camera!

Watch the videos below!

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15.12.11 by Jeff

Last Meal

An animation by Jake Fried, drawn with white-out.

Last Meal animation by Jake Fried
Watch the animation below!

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13.12.11 by Jeff

Seven Days In The Woods

“Seven Days In The Woods”, a stunning animation by Peter Larsson.

Seven Days In The Woods animation by Peter Larsson
Watch the animation below!

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11.12.11 by Jeff

Hotdog Hustle

“Hotdog Hustle”, animation by Tom Hunter.

Hotdog Hustle animation by Tom Hunter

Watch the animation below!

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23.11.11 by Jeff

The Shrine

“The Shrine” by Fleet Foxes. I love Stacey Rozich’s work and it’s amazing to see her illustrations brought to life by Sean Pecknold and Britta Johnson. More of this please.

The Shrine by Fleet Foxes animation by Sean Pecknold & Britta Johnson

Watch this epic 8-minute animation below!

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