10.11.15 by Staff

Animation of the Day: “Not Liking One’s Looks” by Luiz Stockler


Charming animation by Luiz Stockler for this School of Life video, which offers practical advice on the issue of self-acceptance. Check out “Not Liking One’s Looks” below!

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10.11.15 by Jeff

Animator Spotlight: Jonathan Djob Nkondo


After we featured the work of animator Nicolas Ménard he recommended we take a look at Jonathan Djob Nkondo’s work. I’ve seen his animated gifs reposted all over Tumblr for awhile now, and previously featured one of his animations here. He’s the kind of talent that I find difficult to feature because he creates such a wide variety of stuff (I wanna do a whole separate post on his graf stuff).

What I’ve included here is an animated comic that Jonathan has been periodically adding to on his Tumblr. This series of animated gifs captures his amazing sense of movement and colour, and there’s actually something almost more satisfying about following the story this way than simply hitting play on a video. Have a look at the rest of the moving panels below.

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04.11.15 by Jeff

Fantastic Animated Gifs by Illustrator Nicolas Ménard


Love the work of London-based French Canadian illustrator and graphic artist Nicolas Ménard. The banana animation below is my fav.

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03.11.15 by Staff

Animation of the Day: “Slowly Rising”


Love the mesmerizing, oceanic vibe of this music video for BEATSOFREEN’s track “Slowly Rising” by Tokyo-based animator Hideki Inaba. Check it out below!

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30.10.15 by Staff

Animation of the Day: James Franco Animated by Julian Glander


Wonderful animation by Pittsburgh-based artist Julian Glander! For this instalment of California Inspires Me, James Franco discusses growing up in Palo Alto and the time he spent working at the UCLA cafeteria after he dropped out to pursue acting. Watch the full video below!

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28.10.15 by Jeff

Animation of the Day: “Small People with Hats” by Sarina Nihei


Another incredible animation by my favourite animator, Tokyo-based Sarina Nihei (previously posted about here)! Nihei has such a distinct drawing style and it’s always paired with fantastic sound design. It’s hard to believe that this is student work but this was her graduate film from Royal College of Art. Someone needs to hire her immediately if they haven’t already.

Check out the delightful (yet violent) world of “Small People with Hats” below!

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23.10.15 by Staff

Animation of the Day: Pixelord “Rescue Cyber Party”


Alexandre Louvenaz’s animation style is the perfect match for Pixelord’s “Rescue Cyber Party.” Check out the video below!

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21.10.15 by Jeff

Animation of the Day: Buck’s “Blend”


I’ve been animated by Buck! Life complete. Click below to check out the awesome anagram-inspired titles that opened the sold out Blendfest animation and creativity festival in Vancouver last weekend!

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