05.06.13 by Jeff

60-second animated exquisite corpse for Cartoon Network

60-second animated exquisite corpse for Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network wrangled up six animation studios, gave them each 10 seconds of music, a few colours, and set them loose. The results were stitched together into this fantastic summer ident. Watch below!

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03.06.13 by Staff

“Spacetime Fabric Softener” by Professor Soap

Spacetime Fabric Softener short animation film by Professor Soap
What a delightful animated short by Professor Soap aka Ryan Mauskopf! Watch it below!

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06.05.13 by Jeff

“Gif-fiti” animated murals by INSA

animated murals by artist INSA
I was stoked to meet INSA in Melbourne not too long ago. Really loving all the animated pieces he’s been doing lately. When these images pop up on Tumblr I’m sure there’s a bunch of people who don’t realise he’s actually re-painting the walls several times to achieve these effects.

Incredible stuff. More below!

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29.04.13 by Jeff

Binary “G.O.D.”

Binary G.O.D. animation
The vibe of this reminds me of that trippy pink elephants sequence in Dumbo. Watch below!

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22.04.13 by Jeff

“Playing with Fire”

Playing with Fire animation by Alexandra Levasseur
Excited to see that Alexandra Levasseur is now experimenting with animation! Watch below!

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17.04.13 by Jeff

Iron and Wine “Joy”

Iron and Wine Joy animation music video
Great mix of different animation techniques in this! Directed by Hayley Morris. Watch below!

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15.04.13 by Jeff

Saki Iyori / Hug

Saki Iyori / Hug
Beautiful animation piece by Saki Iyori. Watch below!

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11.04.13 by Jeff

Radical Dads “Rapid Reality”

Radical Dads Rapid Reality music video
Animation by Katie Armstrong for Radical Dads. Watch below!

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