21.01.13 by Jeff


Archeologists animated comedy web series
Dear Comedy Network, please give my friends Bart and Chris their own show. This new episode of “Archeologists” should be all the evidence you need! Watch below!

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30.12.12 by Jeff

Black Holes

Black Holes animation by Grace Helmer
An animation about spaghettification, by Grace Helmer. Watch the film below!

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19.12.12 by Jeff


Benigni stop-motion animation
A beautifully animated stop-motion about a man and a mysterious growth. Directed by Elli Vuorinen, Jasmiini Ottelin, and Pinja Partanen. Watch below!

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06.12.12 by Jeff

Understand Music

Understand Music
An exquisite animation about music, from finally. Mainz, Germany. Lovely style here and I like the message. Watch below!

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30.11.12 by Jeff

The Leaf Woman & The Centaur

The Leaf Woman & the Centaur stop-motion animation
A stop-motion animation by Jordan Bruner. Watch below!

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15.11.12 by Jeff

That Will Be The Day

That Will Be The Day by Aldo Aréchar and Matthew DiVito
“That Will Be The Day”, an animation by Matthew DiVito, with music by composer Aldo Aréchar. Watch below!

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06.11.12 by Jeff

Saigo No Shudan

Ayumu Arisaka, Mai Oita, and Ren Kohata are known as Saigo No Shudan. Together they are making some of the most unconventional animations I’ve seen. They combine drawings, paintings, cut-outs, toys, you name it. Their work is unpredictable, and totally refreshing. Enjoy several of their videos below!

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31.10.12 by Jeff

“LUX” by Juliette Oberndorfer

LUX animation by Juliette Oberndorfer
“LUX”, a grad film by animator Juliette Oberndorfer. I have no idea what is happening but I like it. Watch below!

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