06.01.17 by Staff

Photographer Spotlight: Anthony Gerace


New series by London-based photographer Anthony Gerace. Based on his travels through Southern California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah, check out more images from “America 2” below!
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21.01.16 by Staff

Colourful Puzzle-like Photo Collages by Anthony Gerace


Jigsaw puzzle-esque collage and portrait combinations by London-based photographer and artist Anthony Gerace (click here for previous posts). Check out more images below.

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26.07.13 by Jeff

Anthony Gerace

Collages by artist Anthony Gerace

Collages by artist Anthony Gerace. London.

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27.06.13 by Jeff


anthony gerace inbox
I posted some of Anthony Gerace’s photos a little while ago (see here) and he emailed me the other night to say he got some work with The Guardian because of it.

I’ve posted this with his permission because I feel like all of us trying to live off our passions are in this together. We’re all struggling together so we should celebrate our successes together too.

Way to go Anthony!

27.03.13 by Jeff

Anthony Gerace

Anthony Gerace photographer
Photos by Anthony Gerace.

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10.10.12 by Jeff

Anthony Gerace

Collages by Anthony Gerace
“Fig. 1-99”, 100 paper collages by Anthony Gerace.

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