21.05.13 by Jeff

“In Residence” / Claudio Silvestrin

Claudio Silvestrin
Nowness continues their “In Residence” series with a profile of architect Claudio Silvestrin, whose clients include Kanye West and Giorgio Armani. Watch the interview below!

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23.11.12 by Jeff

Armin Blasbichler

Armin Blasbichler
“Inception door for the home of a family of four”. I assumed this image by Armin Blasbichler was simply an art piece but according to Design Sponge this is actually one of the doors on Armin’s house in Italy. As is the door below, made out of slides of Pantone chips!

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28.04.11 by Jeff


The latest sound sculptures by Swiss artist Zimoun created in collaboration with Architect Hannes Zweifel at the Contemporary Art Museum in Bucharest, Romania.


Watch (listen to) the video below!

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25.02.10 by Jeff

François Delfosse

Antarctica in a bag, by architect François Delfosse.

Antarctica in a bag by François Delfosse
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