24.04.13 by Jeff

Les Bains – The secret street art gallery in Paris


SAMBRE (work in progress)

Since January of this year 50 of the world’s most prominent street artists have left their mark on Les Bains, a rundown nightclub in Paris.

After unsuccessfully trying to save the building, owner Jean-Pierre Marois and gallery owner Magda Danysz began inviting artists like Sambre, Futura, and Space Invader to make work in the space. Slowly the place has been filled with art.

Next week renovations on the building will commence, and all the incredible work will be destroyed. I’ve included my favourite pieces from Les Bains below!

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15.04.13 by Jeff

Ulrike Zöllner

Ulrike Zollner etching calendar 2013
Ulrike Zöllner created these fantastic etchings for the 2013 calendar year. See them all below!

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12.04.13 by Jeff

Alyson Provax

Alyson Provax time wasting experiment
This letterpress series called the “Time Wasting Experiment” by Portland based artist Alyson Provax is brilliant. See more below!

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22.02.13 by Jeff

Berliner Cristóbal Schmal

Berliner Cristóbal Schmal editorial illustrations
Beautiful illustrations by Berliner Cristóbal Schmal. See more below!
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21.02.13 by Jeff

Tommi Musturi

Tommi Musturi comics
Comics by illustrator Tommi Musturi.

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21.02.13 by Jeff

Donna Ruff

Donna Ruff newspaper cuts
Incredibly intricate newspaper cuts by Donna Ruff. See more below!

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15.02.13 by Jeff

Julee Yoo

illustrator artist Julee Yoo
Beautiful illustrations by artist Julee Yoo! See more below!

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14.02.13 by Jeff

Eva Vermeiren

Eva Vermeiren collage
Beautiful collages by Eva Vermeiren. See more below!

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