31.07.14 by Jeff

Kate Tucker


Paintings by artist Kate Tucker, previously featured here. More below.

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30.07.14 by Jeff

Soey Milk


Drawings by artist Soey Milk. More below.

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30.07.14 by Jeff

Artist Profile: Jon Burgerman


Enjoyed this little profile on Brooklyn-based British artist Jon Burgerman. Watch “The Color of Fun” below.

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29.07.14 by Jeff

Kamea Hadar and Defer



Kamea Hadar and Defer are collaborating on a series of work entitled “Paradise Lost”. The on-going project will see the two artists create murals and gallery shows together in several different cities. They have their first show opening on August 7th, in San Francisco, at 1AM Gallery. See more images below.

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28.07.14 by Jeff

Caleb Hahne


Drawings by artist Caleb Hahne. Found via July Submissions. More below.

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25.07.14 by Jeff

Harriet Lee-Merrion


Drawings by Harriet Lee-Merrion. More below.

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25.07.14 by Jeff

Brendan Monroe


Sculptures by artist Brendan Monroe. More below.

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23.07.14 by Jeff

James Roper


Drawings by Manchester England-based artist James Roper. Found via our July Submissions post.

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