20.06.12 by Jeff

Crepe paper birds by Aimee Baldwin

Vegan Taxidermy crepe paper birds by artist Aimee Baldwin
“Vegan Taxidermy”, beautiful crepe paper birds by Aimee Baldwin.

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19.06.12 by Jeff

Andrea Wan

Artist painter Andrea Wan
Paintings by my good friend Andrea Wan.

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19.06.12 by Jeff

Izziyana Suhaimi

Embroidered drawings by artist Izziyana Suhaimi
Embroidery over pencil drawings by Izziyana Suhaimi.

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18.06.12 by Jeff

Aaron De La Cruz

Artist Aaron De La Cruz show at Known Gallery

Aaron De La Cruz invades Known Gallery, show is up now! Go!

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15.06.12 by Jeff

James Ulmer

Drawings by artist James Ulmer
Drawings by James Ulmer.

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14.06.12 by Jeff

Sougwen Chung

Drawings by artist Sougwen Chung
Drawings by Sougwen Chung.

I posted her work a few years ago and we got to hang when she came to Vancouver a couple weeks ago. She has a brilliant mind, so many ideas. I could actually feel my brain expanding when we talked. Lately she’s been experimenting with projection mapping and origami, and touring with Sepalcure (handling their live visuals). She’s killing it.

More drawings and a couple videos below!

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13.06.12 by Jeff

Frank Gonzales

Artist painter Frank Gonzales
Paintings by Frank Gonzales.

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12.06.12 by Jeff

Carved Book Landscapes by artist Guy Laramee

Carved Book Landscapes by artist Guy Laramee
More incredible landscapes carved out of books, by artist Guy Laramee.

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