09.04.14 by Jeff

Rone’s Gigantic 9-Storey Mural in Melbourne


My buddy Rone just knocked out what is being dubbed the largest mural by one person in Australia. This 9-storey monster took the artist a solid week, working 10 hours each day. More images and a news clip below.

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07.04.14 by Jeff

Andy Dixon


Paintings by Vancouver-based artist Andy Dixon. More below.

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07.04.14 by Jeff

Fan Yang-Tsung


Paintings by Fan Yang-Tsung. Taipei, Taiwan. These are glorious. Lots more paintings below.

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05.04.14 by Jeff

Jiwoon Pak


Works by Seoul-based artist illustrator Jiwoon Pak. More below.

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04.04.14 by Jeff

Anton Vill


Drawings by Estonia-based artist Anton Vill. More below.

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03.04.14 by Jeff

Gao Cheng


Paintings by Gao Cheng. Hangzhou, China. More below.

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03.04.14 by Jeff

Hanjo Schmidt


Paintings by Hanjo Schmidt. More below.

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02.04.14 by Jeff

Comics by Will Laren


Will Laren is the funniest man alive. More of his comics below.

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