15.09.11 by Jeff

Brendan Danielsson

Paintings by Brendan Danielsson.

Artist painter Brendan Danielsson paintings
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14.09.11 by Jeff

Daniel Eatock

“Processed Potatoes”, by Daniel Eatock. A full packet of crisps chewed into a pulp, spat out, and formed into the shape of a potato.

Processed potatoes by Daniel Eatock
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13.09.11 by Jeff

Matias Santa Maria

Paintings by Matias Santa Maria. Santiago, Chile.

Artist painter Matias Santa Maria paintings
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13.09.11 by Jeff

Lindsey Carr

Paintings by Lindsey Carr.

Artist painter Lindsey Carr
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13.09.11 by Jeff

David Horvitz

One of my favourite artists David Horvitz has a cheeky new project. He is attempting to make his $58,000 worth of student debt disappear into thin air, 58 cents at a time! Read more about it, here.

fifty-eight cents by david horvitz

13.09.11 by Jeff

Sean Clark

Love these comics by Sean Clark! Big high five to Chris who pointed me to Sean’s work via our Booooooom Tumblr. Yes Sean, I know who you are!

Comic artist Sean Clark
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11.09.11 by Jeff

Jeff Hamada

I’m making a series of confessional drawings, see it larger here.

Vancouver based artist Jeff Hamada

09.09.11 by Jeff

Alex Lukas

Mixed media drawings by Alex Lukas.

Mixed media drawings by artist Alex Lukas
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