04.12.13 by Jeff

Alison Yip


Drawings and paintings by Vancouver-based Alison Yip.

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03.12.13 by Jeff

Benjamin Cohen


Paintings by artist Benjamin Cohen. More below.

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03.12.13 by Jeff

Unchalee Anantawat


Drawings by Unchalee Anantawat. Bangkok, Thailand. More below.

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03.12.13 by Jeff

Wyatt Kahn


Raw canvas on panel, works by artist Wyatt Kahn. More below.

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02.12.13 by Jeff

Isak Applin


Paintings by Isak Applin. More below.

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02.12.13 by Jeff

Gianna Commito


Paintings by Gianna Commito. See more below.

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27.11.13 by Jeff

Sculptures and installations by John Grade


Sculptures and installations by Seattle-based artist John Grade. See more works below!

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26.11.13 by Jeff

Instagram Takeover: Linsey Levendall

linsey levendall

This week the artist in charge of our Instagram account is Linsey Levendall. He’s currently living in Saskatchewan but originally from South Africa. I didn’t realise until I read his bio that he works closely with The Black Heart Gang. If you don’t know their work, watch “The Tale of How”, I saw them speak at F5 in New York several years ago and was completely blown away.

Linsey’s work was off my radar until recently but he’s quickly become one of my favourite artists. The detail in his work is kinda insane.

Please give him a warm welcome as he posts for the next 7 days. Follow along on our Instagram and make sure you follow his too!