01.10.15 by Jeff

Reader Submissions: Artist Delfin Finley


A selection of paintings by LA-based artist Delfin Finley who submitted his work via our September Reader Submissions post. More images below!

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29.09.15 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Miya Ando


New York-based artist Miya Ando’s solo show, Sora/Ku (Sky/Emptiness), just opened at the Sundaram Tagore Gallery in Hong Kong and it will travel to the Singapore location of the gallery, October 29th.

Ando is known for her subtle works on metal; layered abstract paintings on varied surfaces created using heat, sandpaper, grinders, and acid. It’s obvious these images aren’t going to do these works justice. More images below.

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28.09.15 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Michael Page


Paintings by San Francisco-based artist Michael Page. More images below.

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25.09.15 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: John Reuss


Fantastic, distorted figures by Denmark-based artist, John Reuss. Check out more of Reuss’ paintings below!

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22.09.15 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Karen Ann Myers


Paintings by Charleston, South Carolina-based artist Karen Ann Myers, whose works always begin as detailed marker drawings before layers and layers of thinned oil paint are applied. More images of her finished works as well as some of her process below.

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22.09.15 by Jeff

Animated Gifs by Artist Sasha Katz




Love these blocky animated gifs by Sasha Katz, an artist from Moscow discovered through our September Reader Submissions. Lots more below.

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21.09.15 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Eric Wert


A selection of hyperreal paintings by Portland-based artist Eric Wert. More images below.

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18.09.15 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Jordan Kasey


A selection of paintings by Brooklyn-based artist Jordan Kasey (previously featured here). Her work is on another level. More images below.

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