19.09.16 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Maddy Young


Drawings by Melbourne-based artist Maddy Young. More images below.

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16.09.16 by Jeff

Illustrator Spotlight: Tom Guilmard



Drawings, and animations by illustrator Tom Guilmard. Have a peek below.

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15.09.16 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Kristina Krogh


A selection of work by Danish artist Kristina Krogh, currently living and working in Copenhagen. More images below.

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15.09.16 by Jeff

Illustrator Spotlight: Joseph Melhuish


A series of absurd knife designs from some alternate reality by London-based illustrator Joseph Melhuish. More images below.

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15.09.16 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Karel Funk


A selection of hyperrealist paintings by Winnipeg artist Karel Funk. More images below.

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14.09.16 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Low Bros


My friends, Berlin-based Low Bros (Christoph and Florin Schmidt), recently came to town to participate in the Vancouver Mural Festival and lucky for me their mural ended up being right on my street! What a view!

The brothers are back in Germany gearing up for their show at Golden Hands Gallery in Hamburg, which opens on the September 17th. Have a look below some of their new work and a little teaser video!

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13.09.16 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Rebecca Reeve


A selection of work from New York-based artist Rebecca Reeve’s “Through Looking” series. More images below.

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12.09.16 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Will Barras


Drawings and paintings by artist Will Barras. More images below.

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