29.12.08 by Jeff

No Comply / Skateboard Artshow

Artwork submitted to the 2008 No Comply skateboard artshow is now online. Fantastic work from 70+ artists, including two of my friends, SheOne (UK) and Mr 44 (LA). No Comply is out there in Australia so naturally Meggs and Eamo are on the bill as well. The artwork directly below is by Two One.

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22.10.08 by Jeff


Meggs recently had a show out in Australia presented by Stussy and for many it was an introduction to a fantastic artist in the vein of Aaron Noble and Anthony Lister. Deconstructing comic book imagery seems to be in vogue right now and I am loving it.

meggs australia streetart graffiti stussy artshow

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15.04.08 by Jeff

Brrrave Arrrt!

Brave Art opened on the weekend in Whistler and even though there was a big air contest on the same night, a ton of people still showed up for the show! (thanks sascha and steve for the camera work)

I showed a few canvases (two of which sold before I even got there!) and a snowboard from the 08/09 Endeavor line. Here’s my pal James aka sheOne telling me I did it all wrong.

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