31.01.13 by Jeff

Pinprick drawings by Miso

Pinprick art by Artist Miso
Beautiful pinprick drawings by Miso. This first one is a map of a block in Brooklyn, hidden inside a moon. The second one is a map of Berlin hidden inside of a spider web. See below!

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17.02.10 by Jeff

Baptiste Debombourg

Incredible image of Icarus made of staples, by Baptiste Debombourg.

Incredible staple artwork of Icarus Aggravure by Baptiste Debombourg
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06.01.10 by Jeff

Michael Velliquette

Cut paper artworks by Michael Velliquette.

michael velliquette artist artwork cut paper
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10.11.09 by Jeff

Live Now

Designer Eric Smith was diagnosed with cancer and it motivated him to start an art project called Live Now. He has collaborated with many talented people, if you’re interested let him know!

we live now eric smith cancer poster art project
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20.08.09 by Jeff

Taylor McKimens

Installations by Taylor McKimens. Brooklyn.

taylor mckimens new york artist drawing
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24.06.09 by Jeff

AJ Fosik

Beautiful work by AJ Fosik.

aj fosik artwork artist
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13.02.09 by Jeff

Bill Sienkiewicz for Adult Swim

Adult Swim hired the incredible, Bill Sienkiewicz (Elektra: Assassin), to do the dvd cover art for a show called The Venture Bros – which comes out Feb 23rd. Sienkiewicz work is few and far between so I’ll take what I can get.

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09.02.09 by Jeff

Matthew Rich

Cut paper artwork by Matthew Rich.

matthew rich cut paper artist art
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