08.01.13 by Jeff

Scott Sueme for Basecamp

Scott Sueme for Flexfit
Over the weekend, my friend Scott Sueme and I flew down to California for Agenda. He made a mural for Basecamp (a new arts initiative by Flexfit) and I had the important job of “hanging out”. Peep a bunch of process photos below!

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17.07.12 by Jeff

Agenda Day 1

Luke Ramsey / Office Supplies Inc / Mark Warren Jacques / Agenda NYC
Here’s a few images from the first day of Agenda NYC.

It’s been a blast, Flexfit has been an amazing host. Mark Warren Jacques, Luke Ramsey, and Office Supplies Inc started work on three different murals in the show space. I’ve been posting lots more images to my Instagram @jeffhamada – follow along to see the work as it progresses.

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13.07.12 by Jeff

Luke Ramsey / Office Supplies Inc / Mark Warren Jacques / Agenda NYC

Agenda NYC
My friends at Flexfit are starting an art initiative called Basecamp, as part of the Agenda NYC trade show next week. They asked me to bring a little northwest flavour to the show so I called up three talented artists to head out there with me:

luke ramsey

Luke Ramsey

office supplies inc

Office Supplies Incorporated

mark warren jacques

Mark Warren Jacques

Stay tuned next week as I’ll be documenting the work that these guys make at the show! It’s gonna be good! Have a great weekend!