21.07.12 by Jeff


Billboard paintings by street artist ox
Billboards takeovers by Ox.

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30.06.09 by Jeff

Branislav Kropilak

Billboards, a photo series by Branislav Kropilak.

branislav kropilak photographer photography billboards
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31.07.08 by Jeff

Image bookmarking top ten lists!

oobject is like ffffound (what’s with all the websites with repeated letters these days, haha sheesh), if ffffound were organized by a really anal person. Actually oobject is one of several “curation” sites that are becoming really popular. You suggest images, they curate and compile. 16 giant bucket excavators. 10 ski jumps. 12 ejector seats. 18 tiny projectors. 10 luxury trains. 20 classic 8mm cameras. The images below are from a list of craftsy weapons.

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