09.08.16 by Staff

Photos of Birds in Flight Seamlessly Strung Together


Spanish photographer Xavi Bou combines a series of photographs taken in succession to create one glorious image! More from “Ornitographies” below.

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06.01.15 by Jeff

Thomas Poulsom’s British Birds Become Official LEGO Set


Back in 2012 I posted about Thomas Poulsom’s Lego birds, and at that time he was hoping Lego would one day turn his creations into an official set via the Lego Ideas platform. Well that day has finally come! As of January 1st, Thomas’ set of birds is available over on Lego’s website.

The video below shows Thomas’ original idea, a set of British Birds: a puffin, a kingfisher, a woodpecker, a blue tit, a goldfinch, and a robin. You can see lots of images of this series on Thomas’ Flickr page. The set that Lego ended up producing includes a robin, a bluejay, and a hummingbird.

Congratulations Thomas! See the finished set and the video below.

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22.08.14 by Jeff

Incredibly Intricate Paper Cut Works by Artist Maude White


These paper cut works by artist Maude White make my wrists hurt just looking at them. I think you gotta be a little obsessive to work like this but how amazing are these results? Another gem I found submitted to Booooooom via our August Submissions. See more below.

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15.05.14 by Jeff

Birds Painted on Pharmaceutical Boxes by Sara Landeta


Paintings of birds on pharmaceutical boxes by artist Sara Landeta. I’m actually nervous about even typing the word pharmaceutical in this post (now it’s in here twice, aaah) I feel like it’s like asking for spam comments. Anyways, I like this series. More images below.

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04.09.13 by Staff

“Poo Printer” by Fabrizio Lamoncha

poo printer by Fabrizio Lamoncha
Fabrizio Lamoncha’s “Poo Printer” is the best thing ever! It uses a group of caged male zebra finches to spell out letters from the Latin alphabet using their excrement. See more images and watch the time lapse below!

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31.07.13 by Staff

Diana Beltrán Herrera

artist Diana Beltrán Herrera paper bird sculptures

More of those beautiful paper bird sculptures by my friend, artist Diana Beltrán Herrera! Crazy amount of detail in these. See more below!

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03.07.13 by Jeff

Susan Rotondo

Pencil drawings by artist Susan Rotondo
Pencil drawings by Susan Rotondo. Submitted via Tumblr.

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19.11.12 by Jeff

Lego birds by Tom Poulsom

Lego birds by Tom Poulsom
Diana Beltran Herrera (the artist who made those incredible paper birds) pointed me to these Lego birds by Tom Poulsom. He’s hoping Lego will actually turn them into real building sets so if you like them let him know here. More birds below!

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