26.10.12 by Jeff

Paper bird sculptures by artist Diana Beltran Herrera

Paper bird sculptures by Diana Beltran Herrera
Gorgeous paper bird sculptures by Diana Beltran Herrera.

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20.06.12 by Jeff

Crepe paper birds by Aimee Baldwin

Vegan Taxidermy crepe paper birds by artist Aimee Baldwin
“Vegan Taxidermy”, beautiful crepe paper birds by Aimee Baldwin.

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28.05.12 by Jeff

Recycled chair legs become birds!

Re-turned recycled chair legs become birds by Beller
“I used to be a chair and the leg of a table” – Beautiful birds made of recycled wood, designed by Lars Beller Fjetland. Norway.

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22.08.11 by Jeff


“Torigun”, birds dressed in military uniforms by Japanese artist Sato.

Torigun birds dressed in military uniforms by Japanese artist Sato
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31.01.11 by Jeff

Justin Richel

Beautiful gouache works by Justin Richel.

artist gouache justin richel
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24.01.11 by Jeff

Luca Mantovanelli

Drawings by Luca Mantovanelli.

illustration illustrator luca mantovanelli drawings
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09.12.09 by Jeff

Frank Gonzales

Frank Gonzales sent over his latest work via our Facebook Group.

frank gonzales artist painter one painting birds flowers
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16.03.09 by Jeff

Frank Gonzales

Paintings by Frank Gonzales. Interesting style, almost like the image is glitching and creating little artifacts like video compression.

frank gonzales, painter, painting
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