10.12.12 by Jeff

Julie Morstad / Book Giveaway

The Wayside by Julie Morstad Book Giveaway
My friends at Drawn & Quarterly sent me over a copy of Julie Morstad’s beautiful new book, and I get to give a copy away! Who wants it?

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07.12.12 by Jeff

It’s Nice That / Annual

It's Nice That / Annual
There are only a handful of blogs that I read daily that have actually gotten better through the years. It’s Nice That is one of them. This is their annual for 2012, and if it’s half as good as all the other books they’ve produced, you’ll wanna grab yourself a copy.

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29.11.12 by Jeff

Aude Debout

“The Fat-Fat Club” by Aude Debout.

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28.11.12 by Jeff

“Flower” by Andrew Zuckerman

Flower by photographer Andrew Zuckerman
Excited to find a copy of Andrew Zuckerman’s heavy new book “Flower” in my mailbox. Exquisite is really the only word to describe it.

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23.11.12 by Jeff

The Where, The Why, and The How

The Where, The Why, and The How: 75 Artists Illustrate Wondrous Mysteries of Science
Lovin’ this book! Art and science together, and not just boring old encyclopedia art! There’s illustrations by 75 artists, many of whom I’ve featured like Jon Klassen, Jacob Magraw, Matt Leines, Patrick KyleCamilla Engman, Gemma Correll, Jeremyville, you get the idea.

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12.11.12 by Jeff

“Switcheroo” by Hana Pesut

Switcheroo by Hana Pesut

Switcheroo by Hana Pesut
My friend Hana Pesut has spent the last couple years shooting her “Switcheroo” portraits in cities all over the world. She’s shot more than 200 of them and now she’s gonna make a book! If you’d like to support her book project jump over here.

See more switcheroos below!

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09.10.12 by Jeff

Pictoplasma NYC Event / Ticket and Book Giveaway

Pictoplasma Character Compendium
The Pictoplasma NYC conference is less than a month away! It’s gonna be incredible! I’ve got tickets to the event for someone who really wants ‘em! You’ll have to be in the New York area (or be able to drive there) to snag ‘em, but for everyone else I’ve got a copy of Pictoplasma’s new “Character Compendium” book! Take a look at the book below!

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09.10.12 by Jeff


Pick-a-land a book project by Teiera
A fun kids book project by three young Italian illustrators Giulia Sagramola, Cristina Spanò and Sarah Mazzetti. The book features people and places and when you mix up the pages you end up creating new nationalities. Watch the video below!

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