13.04.10 by Jeff

Small Victories / Update

Envelopes continue to show up for our Small Victories project and I am more and more amazed at the work being submitted. It is going to be a fun show! You have two more weeks to submit!

boom blog small victories photo show hong kong

14.10.09 by Jeff

Amy DiLorenzo

Photos by Amy DiLorenzo.

amy dilorenzo photographer photography
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02.09.09 by Jeff

Vincent Bordet

Photos by Vincent Bordet. France.

vincent bordet photographer photography france
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27.08.09 by Jeff

A giant sandwich!

We’re making a giant sandwich on our Facebook Page! Come have fun.

booooooom boom booom boooom booooom booooooom
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27.08.09 by Jeff

Will Govus

Photos by Will Govus. Georgia.

will govus photographer photography georgia
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16.01.09 by Jeff

Project #6 – Pixel Portraits!

Here’s the first bunch of great “pixel portraits” submitted to Project #6! I especially like the ones from the few films I don’t recognize. If you’re gonna submit one, get in nice and close to the screen or zoom in – the more pixelated the better (instructions here) See how many you know…

pixel portrait project 6


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02.01.09 by Jeff

Jesse Balmer

Fantastic (in both senses of the word) work by Jesse Balmer.

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31.12.08 by Jeff

Stephanie Toppin

Coloreruptions by Stephanie Toppin!

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29.12.08 by Jeff

Diana Sudyka

Chicago-based illustrator Diana Sudyka. I LOVE this one.

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