17.08.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Fran O’Neill

Stuttering paintings by Brooklyn-based artist Fran O’Neill (originally from Wangaratta, Australia). See more images below.

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25.07.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Roger White

Paintings by artist Roger White. See more “Mirror” images below.

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24.07.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Patrick Jacobs

Incredible three-dimensional dioramas viewed through small porthole windows by Brooklyn-based artist Patrick Jacobs. See more images below!

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19.07.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Justin Hopkins

A selection of work by artist Justin Hopkins. See more images below.

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17.07.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Kaye Blegvad

Some recent creations by London-born, Brooklyn-based illustrator and general maker-of-things Kaye Blegvad. Click here for previous posts. See more image below.

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11.07.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Jason Karolak

Recent paintings by Brooklyn-based artist Jason Karolak (previously posted here). See more images below.

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10.07.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Aakash Nihalani

Brooklyn-based artist Aakash Nihalani continues to have fun with geometric shapes and 3D illusions. Click here to see previous posts of Nihalani’s work. Check out more images below.

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12.05.17 by Staff

“Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Photographer Nicholas Pollack

Brooklyn-based photographer Nicholas Pollack explores the fleetingness of youth in a series of photos taken at Branch Brook Park in Newark, New Jersey. See more images from “Nothing Gold Can Stay” below or check out the photobook, available here.

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