18.08.09 by Jeff

Lauren Albert

Drawings by Lauren Albert aka LaLa. Brooklyn.

lauren albert lala drawing illustration
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12.06.09 by Jeff

Jessica Cannon

Paintings by Jessica Cannon. Brooklyn.

jessica cannon painter painting brooklyn
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07.05.09 by Jeff

Sam Falls

Photos by Sam Falls. Brooklyn.

sam falls photographer photography
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26.03.09 by Jeff

Alex Baker

Photos by Alex Baker. Brooklyn.

alex baker photographer photography
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20.03.09 by Jeff

Jeremy Liebman

Photos by Jeremy Liebman. Brooklyn.

jeremy liebman photographer photography fashion portrait personal
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10.03.09 by Jeff

Yuri Shimojo

Diggin’ these paintings by Brooklyn/Tokyo/Hawaii-based, Yuri Shimojo. Are you allowed to live in all three of those places at once? I am sure there is a law preventing an artist’s living conditions from being that awesome.

yuri shimojo painter artist painting
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09.03.09 by Jeff

Dan Funderburgh

Love these decorative saw blades by Dan Funderburgh.

dan funderburgh graphic design wallpaper illustration pattern
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19.02.09 by Jeff

David Jon Kassan

Paintings by Brooklyn-based, David Jon Kassan.

david kassan painting painter artist portrait
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